RiskGap provides comprehensive Vision and Capabilities for Risk Management

Make hidden risks visible

  • Your team collaborate and add known risk to Online Risk Register

  • The expert system offers you the unknown risks

  • Risk register will be transparent for management team

  • Global Risk Templates Database

High Definition Risk assessment

  • All your team is involved in Risk assessment

  • The special formula for group estimates quality assessment

  • Use real project parameters (costs & time)

  • Engage external experts to Risk assessment

Continuous risk analysis and prevention

  • Risk owners, tasks and timers assignment

  • Make risk management enjoyable using gamification

  • Integration with Project Management Systems

  • ISO 31000 compliance

Increase Project portfolio transparency

  • Risk Map Visualization

  • Create a Risk register report in one click

  • Project Portfolio Risks at a glance

  • Easy interface, clear to all

We help you manage the risks making your projects and business successful!