Why we made RiskGap?

In 2014, a Risk Management Survey was conducted. Of these surveyed 78% responded that they currently manage risks, 18% would like to manage risks.

It was concluded that 96% of the pool surveyed are interested in Risk Management! Sounds good! But!

However of those 96% only 5% actually use professional risk management tools. 68% use mostly Microsoft Excel, 7% use Microsoft SharePoint or no tools at all.

Only 44% managers involve their teams in Risk Identification process. Only 25% assign Risk owners for each risk for risk monitoring and mitigation. 12% said that nobody monitors risks in their projects.

So, the reason is actually clear. Have you tried to identify, assess, and then regulary monitor the risks using Excel? I have tried it – and after 3 weeks my patience runs dry. It is close to impossible.

It is clear from our data collection that our respondents are attempting to collaborate with other people using Excel for Risk Register.

There is a gap between Project Management standards and everyday project managers tools. There is a gap between project team and the inability to maintain a Risk Register using avaliable software tools.

It was because of the gaps that we created RiskGap. At RiskGap we are passionate about Project Risk Management, Big Data, Social Networking and Collaboration technologies.

Since creating RiskGap we have grown from being more than an online Risk Register. We talk about RiskGap as a Risk Intelligence and Expert System, with Global Template Libraries, using Big Data and Lessons Learned, Knowledge management technologies and practices.

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Anatoly Suzdaltsev and RiskGap Team